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This Navaratri Cleanse Your Body Mind And Soul
October, 2018
Dr Anand Bhardwaj
Scientific Vastu Consultant & Expert on ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ Director, International Institute of Vaidic Culture

Filtration may be a technical word for those who look upon it as a process through which the purification or separation takes place in industries or houses, but this tiny word is very meaningful for human beings as well. Be it during the summer months or in the humid rainy season, one may try to satisfy his/her appetite with whatever they like or have an urge to consume. But logically, there must be a time to cleanse our inner self too, as this is very crucial for getting rejuvenated at an appropriate time.

Human beings always look for an excuse to justify a bad deed. Similarly, we also need an occasion or an excuse to do something very good too. The Indian Vedic system and cultural heritage is a package of well-disciplined guidelines for human beings which most of us try to follow very religiously. The month of November has nine systematic and most auspicious days of ‘Navratras’ giving us a platform and opportunity to cleanse our inner-self. So let’s discuss the ways through which we may exercise this holy deed conscientiously.

The ‘Navratras’ - The nine days of greatest importance in Indian mythology is designed by our ancestors, prudently keeping in mind the tune, texture and term of the season. Here are some examples of this.

  • These nine days are dedicated to the nine forms of goddess Durga, the incarnation of power, protection, prosperity and purification. Hence, it is important to honour and follow the guidelines for this time very truthfully.
  • In order to clean the inner self, it is defined to stay away from non-vegetarian foods because Gods of this period may not be appeased if non-vegetarian food is cooked, served or consumed.
  • Violence, abuse, cruelty and unkindness are not the pleasing terms for the lords of these days. So, stay away from such acts too.
  • Try to re-align the day’s routine by bringing a regularity and punctuality that might be left aside during previous months due to any reason. During this time, try to follow the routine of getting up early in the morning and do something for the sake of your health and thoughts.