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Cave Houses That Are Luxury Holiday HOmes
August, 2018
Dr Anand Bhardwaj
Scientific Vastu Consultant & Expert on ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ Director, International Institute of Vaidic Culture

The idea of holidaying in a cave may not sound quite tempting until you read about some incredible luxury resorts built within a cave across the world. Tucked into the sides of mountains, hidden undergrounds and offering mesmerizing ocean views, there are numerous caves around the world that have been transformed into luxurious holiday homes! So, if you are planning for a vacation with a difference, try visiting these breath-taking holiday homes with all the amenities you need for a fuss-free stay.

Beckham Creek Cave House, USA

Nested in a natural cavern, set high within a cliff and a serene valley in the milieu, Beckham cave located in Parthenon, Arkansas is beautiful and idyllic, unlike any other location on the earth. This tranquil place in the lap of nature is completely remodelled to offer every luxury you desire while holidaying with your beloved or going to a family reunion.

Cuevo de Luja, Granada, Spain

Located in between two historic districts Sacromonte and Albaicín of the city of Granada, this cave house offers rejuvenating ambience perfect for relaxing. The breath-taking views of Alhambra palace can also be enjoyed from the elegantly designed terrace on the second floor where a chill-out lounge is also built. The modern cave house is also equipped with all luxury accoutrements.