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Diet & Nutrition
Healthy Dietary Guidelines For Teenagers
October, 2018
Sneha Sadhwani Sewlani
Clinical Nutritionist And Certified Diabetes Educator

Many physical and psychological changes take place in the body during teenage. Therefore, this crucial phase should be supported by a nutritionally balanced and wholesome diet. Healthy eating doesn’t mean that you should restrict your children from eating their favourite foods, but instead, you should limit the intake of unhealthy foods.

With school, studies, sports and other activities, teenagers may find it difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. Teenage is an important phase, as the eating habits that are adopted now will be with your children throughout their life. Therefore, it is important to maintain healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. So here are some important dietary guidelines and lifestyle changes for teenagers:

Increase Calcium Intake

Adolescence is a period of dramatic bone growth. Therefore, it is important to increase the intake of calcium and vitamin D-rich foods. Studies have reported that teens are more prone to calcium and vitamin D deficiency, due to low intake of dairy foods.

These two nutrients help to build strong bones, regulate body weight and boost ovarian function in girls. So teens should pay special attention towards their calcium intake and get active during the morning to soak up vitamin D from sunlight.

Choose Healthy Beverages

The consumption of aerated beverages or sodas and sugar-laden juices is often high among teenagers. Scientific studies have reported that soft drink consumption has a negative impact on the bone health.