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Personal Hygiene Tips For Women
October, 2018
Srijana Bagaria
Co-Founder, Pee Safe

It is important for a woman to know what she consumes and what products she should use for personal hygiene. And fortunately, the women of today have become more aware about their health and hygiene. Nevertheless, here are six modern habits a woman should adopt daily, to keep infections at bay. Treat this as a guide to be safe, secure and healthy wherever you may go!

Disclose More And Get Closer: Disclose more about yourself, your childhood and the good and bad times you had in your life. Your partner may be keen on hearing it and even he/she may end up disclosing his/her life as well.

Drink Lots Of Water Every Day

You should drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated and flush out toxins and infections (if any) out of your body. It also acts as a diluter and is helpful in keeping your body clean.

Carry A Toilet Seat Sanitizer In Your Bag

Women should definitely carry a toilet seat sanitizer spray when out. To keep away from washroom-borne infectious diseases, this is an integral part of your overall daily hygiene.

Take Special Care During Your Menstruation Cycle Every Month

It is important to carry a sanitary napkin packet in your bag always. Tampons or sanitary pads should be changed every six hours, to avoid unwanted infections. Also, you should take special care during these days of the month.