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Stay Fit With Kickboxing
October, 2018
Sailendra S Raane
Director, Fitness Division, Reset - Holistic Living Concepts

In the health-conscious world we live in today, staying in proper shape has become one of the prime concerns we face. So is the aspect of self-defence which is becoming a priority in present times, where criminal cases seems to be an everyday occurrence in even apparently safe areas. Therefore, being capable enough to shield yourself is a topmost priority. Every single individual out there, be it a man or woman, needs to be aware of some defence moves in order to guard themselves in any untoward situations. This means, it’s time they increased fitness level, as a robust body facilitates individuals to defend themselves better. This is exactly why self-defence exercises for all ages are skyrocketing in popularity. In such a situation what better than gifting yourselves with a unique power to help keep yourself safe in unsafe situations?

A functional full-body workout, kickboxing is a blissful combination of cardio and resistance training, thanks to the diverse moves involved in it. Kickboxing is an effective way to tone your body, enhancing its strength and meet weight reduction goals. This workout also benefits in accelerating body suppleness, burns those unwanted pounds and increases cardiovascular fitness. Coupled with its innumerable health advantages, kickboxing also plays a major role in keeping you away from harm. This workout routine is focussed on core moves such as bobbing and weaving, knee-ups, kicks, punches and blows. Kickboxers are also trained with the techniques of evaluating the distance and land kicks and punches. Majority of the moves in this exercise are done on bags, to aid with landing the move on a specified target. The bobbing and weaving, punches, knee-ups and kicks can all be very beneficial for self-protection, if ever required.