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Sculpt Your Body With Push-Ups!
August, 2018
Prateek Dhabolkar
Fitness Trainer - Prosport Fitness Centre

When you’re looking to build some upper body strength and develop a toned chest and arms, look no further than push-ups. It is one of the best bodyweight exercises which can be effective for everyone, even for newbies, as it does not involve using any fancy equipment. It works on various muscle groups in your body and you can also continue to increase the intensity of the exercise as you get stronger.

Targets Multiple Muscle Groups

A push-ups is a compound exercise that involves almost all the muscle groups from your upper body including the chest, arms, shoulders and abs. It also requires activation of the legs and the core to maintain good posture. While your pectoralis major is the main mover, your triceps on the back of your upper arms and your deltoids or shoulder muscles are also synergist muscles that play major roles.

Burns Lots Of Calories

Strength training exercises aren’t generally thought of as big calorie burners, but they can be. This exercise helps you burn more calories compared to other exercises because there are many muscle groups involved in push-ups. This is because the more muscle recruitment that takes place during a movement, the more energy your body requires to perform the movement and the more energy you’ll burn in the form of calories. You’ll burn more energy doing a push-up than you will, by doing a triceps push-down, crunches, or even bench presses.