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What You Should Know About Bells Palsy
Sep 2018
Dr Jyothsna Krishnappa
Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore

Bell’s palsy or facial nerve paralysis is one of the more common neurological conditions with an incidence rate of 25 per 100000 people annually. Most of us may have seen or heard of someone with this condition, as it can affect men and women at all ages.

The cause of the condition is generally unknown, hence it is labeled as idiopathic facial weakness. However, this condition is more common in diabetic patients.

Symptoms And Signs
The onset of the condition is usually acute or sub acute and progresses to its maximum involvement by 48 hours, very rarely progressing up to five days. The patient may feel an unexplained pain behind the ear on the affected side. An increased sensitivity to hearing may be seen in a few patients too. Also, within a few hours, the affected side of the face may feel a little numb.

The patient or the family members may notice a mild drooping of the corner of the mouth and the skin fold - nasolabial fold on the same side becomes less prominent and the eyelids on the affected side of the face may not close.