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How Steroids Can Wreak Havoc On Your Heart
Aug 2018
Dr Vanita Arora
Director And Head, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Delhi

Working out at the gym to sport large muscles has become a popular aspiration among men over the past few years. Even women desire to gain lean muscles to flaunt their picture perfect curves. While the want to boast of nicely carved muscles has promoted the concept of exercising among people for good, it has also given prevalence to the use of unnatural products like steroids and protein supplements which many consume to gain muscles faster. However, these shortcuts have serious effects on one’s health, especially cardiovascular health.

Large amounts of steroids, taken for a prolonged time can wreak havoc on the heart, even leading to a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. There’s a major number of athletes, bodybuilders in particular, who use a lot of steroids and proteins for extended periods of time without knowing the health effects of using such supplements. So here we understand in detail how steroids and proteins are different from each other and how it affects health.

How Steroids And Protein Supplements Help In Muscle Gain
The term steroids is usually associated with the mention of some drugs which is used to treat several medical conditions. Steroids have several uses for medical purposes such as boosting sexual hormones in males, regulating the immune functions and metabolism, supporting reproduction, increasing bone mass, muscle mass, inflammation and other related medical issues