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Tips To Control Hair Loss
Sep 2018
Shahnaz Husain
CEO Of Shahnaz Herbals Inc. And Renowned Beauty Expert

On an average, we lose about 40 to 70 hairs a day and most of it goes unnoticed. Our hair is also being replaced, but when replacement slows down, we are confronted by a condition of thinning hair or hair loss. There may be various causes of hair loss, from hormonal and thyroid imbalances, to illness, stress and nutritional deficiencies.

Head massage is also included to treat the cases of hair loss, although vigorous rubbing of the scalp should be avoided, as the roots are already weak. Instead of rubbing, only the finger tips should be used to massage with small rotary movements.

According to the Ayurvedic tradition, the mardhi marma, or crown of the head is said to be the point where blood vessels and nerves meet. It also helps in rectifying ‘dosha’ imbalances as all the three ‘doshas’ meet at this point. The marma points are massaged very gently, rubbing in small clockwise circles, increasing and releasing pressure gradually.

Clinical treatments are given to people who have issues with hair loss and an important part of the treatment is to reassure the client and induce relaxation. The client will be on a course of treatments, consisting of ozone therapy at high frequency, along with the application of herbal hair tonic and hair packs. The therapy stimulates the hair follicles and creates a germicidal environment on the scalp. Blood circulation to the follicles also improves. The aim is to restore the normal balances of the scalp.