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Heres How Dark Circles Can Be Reduced
Aug 2018
Dr Mohan Thomas
Cosmetic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgery And Skin Institute, Mumbai

Dark circles is common condition and difficult to treat as they are caused due to a combination of factors. Dark circles also makes a person look worn out and tired. The darkness around the eyes is primarily due to pigmentation. Volume loss due to facial ageing and weight loss are other contributing factors. The presence of eye bags becomes more prominent due to the surrounding pigmentation, worsening their appearance on the face.

Causes Of Dark Circles

  • Red blood cells from broken capillaries leak into the thin under eye area giving the area a purple hue, hence the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. The haemoglobin from broken capillaries turns into bilirubin giving the appearance of dark circles and a haggard appearance to the face.
  • Other causes may be genetics, stress, lack of sleep and allergies.