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Effects Of Over Exercising
Sep 2018
Manisha Ahlawat
Managing Director, Vivafit

When we put our body through tough exercise regimes, it is essential that we give our body adequate time to recover. Also, along with the recovery time, our body needs to be replenished as well. Therefore, any exercise plan should go hand in hand with an equally good nutrition plan.

Rest and recovery is as important as exercise in our daily routine. Most people start an exercise program but forget about adequate recovery. As a result, they don’t get the desired results or worse, end up with injury.

When Women Over Exercise
Women often complain that even after putting in hours at the gym they are not losing weight or have hit a ‘plateau.’ On top of that, they feel tired all the time, have food cravings, frequent colds and irregular periods. These are all symptoms of over exercising. Too much exercise can push the body into a state of fatigue. This also affects the immune system and the strength of the body.

Over exercising can create hormonal havoc in a woman’s body. It can drive up cortisol levels, making you eat more, so even after hours in the gym, you end up gaining weight! Since over exercising also affects adrenaline, estrogen and thyroid levels, other symptoms can be anxiety, mood swings, loss of libido and even depression.