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10 Exercises That Improve Fertility
Aug 2018
Dr Rita Bakshi
Senior Gynaecologist, International Fertility Centre

It has been proven by various researchers that exercising directly impacts the level of one’s fertility. Therefore, exercise should be an innate and indispensable part of life. A healthy person who carries out a regular and stringent fitness routine will be free from infertility and vice versa. So here are some easy exercises that help improve fertility.

Meditation helps in the awakening and detoxification of the mind, body and soul. It helps in relieving stress and thereby reduces infertility. Meditation liberates anxieties and also maintains composure and self-introspection.

Swimming is the most fruitful exercise for those facing infertility problems. One can go for regular swimming even while undergoing fertility treatments or pregnancy. Moreover, swimming increases the production of testosterone.

Aerobics And Zumba
Aerobics and Zumba involve high intensity workouts which integrate exercises and dancing. It therefore helps in removal of toxins and weight loss. These workouts also help in building stamina and amplify fertility.