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Types Of Elliptical Workouts And Its Advantages
Sep 2018
Sailendra S Raane
Director, Fitness Division, Reset - Holistic Living Concepts

The elliptical which is a backbone of a fitness centre makes for a good workout right from the beginner to the advanced level. Being an easy-on-the-joints equipment, the elliptical offers a great cardio and total body workout. Whether you are on the lookout for a high-intensity interval workout, or you simply want to challenge diverse body muscle groups, there’s an elliptical workout for all of you. But in spite of these advantages the elliptical can at times get pretty boring and monotonous.

Advantages Of This Workout
If you require a workout which offers less stress to your joints, the elliptical trainer is an exceptional option for you. Additionally, it also offers good conditioning to your heart and
lower body.

Types Of Elliptical Workout
If you are a novice to the elliptical machine you must give the initial elliptical workout a try. It makes use of all the myriad features of the machine. By simply pedalling forward, you get a chance to efficiently work your quads and going backward will functionally target the hamstrings and booty. Learners must be focussed on pushing the handles to tone their chest - by pulling the handles you will mould your upper back. Challenge your core stability by letting go of the handles while you keep a stride steady.

The Booty Workout: This form of elliptical booty workout has been designed to target the glutes and hamstrings by playing with the incline on the machine. This exercise will facilitate you in toning your booty while also giving you a great cardio workout. While you are on the machine you must ensure that you target your glutes by concentrating on keeping your heels down.