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We have already stepped into the last trimester of 2018 and the festivities are about to begin! With the onset of this month, starts the fun and gaiety that is part of all festivals. So while you may busy yourself with preparations to ring in the celebrations, it is important to be mindful about the quality of food you consume and feast on, as while temperatures are set to dip, the cravings for snacks and sweets is about to soar, encouraging you to indulge in the many goodies around you, which will ultimately lead to unhealthy eating.

While we speak about eating and the consumption of food, we would like to draw attention to ‘World Food Day’ that is observed every year in the month of October, to promote worldwide awareness and action for those suffering from hunger and also to live up to the commitment of achieving Zero Hunger by 2030. Thus, it’s time for us to understand the importance of food and to resolve the issue of global hunger.

So in keeping with ‘World Food Day,’ in this edition, we have featured plenty of articles pertaining to food and nutrition. As junk food is extremely popular and available at every corner these days, it is vital for us to identify healthy substitutes of these foods. Just read the article titled ‘10 healthy substitutions for everyday foods’ and you will learn to add a healthy twist to all your favourite foods!

The importance of healthy eating habits cannot be emphasized enough, especially when it comes to teenagers, as this is the period of growth spurts. Therefore, turn to ‘healthy dietary guidelines for teenagers’ to know more about proper nutrition, so that you can help and support your teenager in the healthiest of ways.

Health does not only refer to the state of being free from diseases or injuries, it also includes an individual’s mental condition, which is most often ignored. However, it is of utmost importance and definitely needs our attention, because as we age, there is the risk of cognitive impairment or dementia, which are common issues faced by the elderly. The write-up ‘mental illnesses in the elderly’ throws light on this subject.

Another essential aspect of health that helps keep illnesses at bay is adequate sleep. However, if you work late night shifts or travel to different time zones, your sleep-wake cycle may be disrupted. Furthermore, at times you may not even have enough time to get proper sleep. When this happens, you may find it difficult to get back to your normal sleep cycle. But you needn’t worry, as all you have to do is, read the write-up titled ‘reset your sleep cycle with these tips’ and you will soon be sleeping like a baby!

This month, our cover is graced by Bollywood’s charming and spirited actor, Varun Dhawan. The son of reputed film director, David Dhawan, Varun managed to create a niche for himself in B-town with sheer hard work and extraordinary talent. Varun soon became the eye candy of audiences with his debut film, ‘student of the year’ and very quickly went on to steal the hearts of millions with his captivating looks and personality. Read on to know more about this dashing and dapper star.

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