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We are in the midst of the monsoon season, so we can expect most days of the month to be cloudy with sporadic drizzles. August is also the month India celebrates freedom! This year, our country will be celebrating its ‘72nd Independence Day.’ ‘World Breastfeeding Week’ is also celebrated this month with an objective to highlight the importance of nutrition during the developing stages of an infant.

Breastfeeding provides the baby with strong immunity and proper nutrition. It is also a life-saving source of energy and nutrients for the baby to stay away from illness and malnutrition. Therefore, the article ‘why breastfeeding is important for your baby’ highlights the importance of breastfeeding and how nutritious mother’s milk can be for the baby.

While we’re on the topic of nutrition, it’s good to understand that eating healthy not only helps us tackle underlying health issues but also makes us immune to hazardous diseases. But in case you lack the motivation or are confused about how to adopt a healthy diet, the write-up, ‘here’s how you can start eating healthy,’ is sure to guide you in the right direction.

Foods that are rich in calcium, fibre, vitamins and other nutrients play a major role in keeping us healthy. So regularly consuming foods like flaxseeds which is known for its rich fibre content and high nutritive value can fetch you enormous health benefits. For more info about this superfood, just turn the pages to ‘6 amazing health benefits of flaxseeds.’

Besides a healthy diet and regular exercise, an important aspect of keeping healthy is to keep your gut healthy, as even a minor illness/issue with your gut can create a host of problems. The good news is that the food you eat can help you ward off some common gut illnesses/diseases. For a better understanding of the subject we’ve included the article ‘prevent digestive diseases with these gut-friendly foods.’ Speaking of foods for digestive health, the write-up titled ‘what is the FODMAP diet?’ explains about a consumption pattern whereby you cut out or reduce the intake of foods such as carbohydrates that contain substances that the body finds difficult to digest.’

When you follow a proper diet, your body will be healthy and your mind too will be happy. Moreover, accomplishing a balance in sleep patterns, relaxing time and all other activities produces positive energy around you that creates a healing effect on your body.

Spiritual healing is all about rebalancing energies but it is probably one of the most neglected aspects of life; yet its impact is unavoidable. The influence of spiritual healing on health and wellness has been explained well in the topic, ‘health and wellness through spiritual healing’ featured in this issue.

Gracing the cover of our magazine this month is the scintillating and spirited Shraddha Kapoor. Having faced some rough patches in the early phase of her career in 2010, Shraddha went on to rise to fame in 2013 when she excelled and wowed the audiences in her blockbuster film, ‘Aashiqui 2.’ With super hits in her kitty and blessed with an exceptional ability in music, acting and dancing, Shraddha is a director’s top choice! We share with you this charmi

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